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You know how they say things change, well yay they do. I mean 5 years ago I would have been standing in line just to grab that "once in a lifetime" deal the morning after Thanksgiving. Like the time I bought a snowboard on Black Friday and then used it um...maybe 3 times. Or how about that time I convinced my grandmother that I NEEDED six sets of Red Fiestaware from Herberger's. I will say those have suited me a bit better than the snowboard. I did use all six sets for Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year.

The hustle and bustle is just not the same in the Sandhills, but that doesn't mean I didn't score me a few deals from the comfort of my own home. So what did I get?

Let start with the comfy graphic tee. Malyn Logic was having a sale on with her "Less Judgin and More Lovin" tee. I snatched it up in the white. If you haven't heard of Malyn you have to check her out on Instagram. Her daily babbles about motherhood and life make this non-mommy gal giggle. And lets be honest I am just jealous every time she grabs a breakfast soda. I got the Tee for $18.99 plus free shipping. 

Next I jumped on in hopes of grabbing a deal on washi tape. All I can say is JACKPOT. I was able to get the two big wash tape boxes from Recollections for $10 a piece. In case you are wondering what I would do with that much wash tape, well I have became one of those crazy planner gals. I love decorating my Happy Planner and a girl can never have to much washi tape. The real problem is going to be where I am going to store 60+ rolls of wash tape. Oh and did I mention it was $3 shipping?

The last deal I got was one I was hoping for. I have been watching all my favorite cooking blogs talk about there Instant Pot for months now. I just couldn't buy one knowing that I have a million other kitchen appliances. And then Amazon on Black Friday happened and I threw it out the window. So I took the deal and grabbed 2 Instants Pots. I mean they were only $68.99. I don't think you will ever get a better deal.

I know what you are thinking um...did you buy any gifts Jenessa? Yes, hello I don't need TWO Instant Pots. And I might have throwin in a couple other things from Micheals that aren't for me. So I did use my Black Friday shopping grabbing a few gifts as well.

Did you get any great deal on Black Friday or this weekend? Did you go out or stay in to do your shopping? Or maybe you have been saving up for Cyber Monday. I wanna hear what you have found.

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