Sunday, March 18, 2018

Village Required

In the last few weeks, I have learned that it really does take a village to raise a child.

While Baby Sawyer is not safe and sound on the ground yet (my husband's words, not mine, the joys of having a ranching husband) I have learned my first parenting lesson. You really can't do it on your own. 

A few weeks back my sweet friend Andy offered her handy husband to put together Baby Sawyers crib, rocker and get his dresser moved from upstairs down to the nursery. I mean it really is going above and beyond to drive an hour to help a friend set up her nursery, but man will I forever be thankful. I don't know whose idea it was to be super pregnant during our busiest time of year, but a little bit better planning might have been helpful. 

Then Andy and my other dear Nebraska friend Becky offered to throw a baby shower to spoil our little cowboy. This weekend that is exactly what happened, he was so very spoiled. Books, cowboy boots wranglers and so much more. 

To top off a weekend that was already set to be wonderful my momma, sister and niece showed up as a surprise Thursday at 3:00 pm. They showered not only Baby Sawyer with gifts, but spoiled me as well. They sorted, washed and put away baby essentials for 2 days, my mom cleaned my bathrooms, vacuumed my floors, and did dishes. We organized, watched movies and spent some much needed time together. I can't lie I have never been so relieved to see them! Growing a baby is so very exhausting, add a crazy busy job and a crazy busy husband for the matter and you hit do what you gotta do to survive but take a few naps in between. 

Ya'll because of our village I feel like we can now bring this sweet baby home! 42 days to go! Adam and I couldn't have gotten it all done on our own and you know what that is okay because nobody really gets its done on their own! Parenting lesson one ✔!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

~Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats~

Some people just couldn't understand why we would want to find have you met me? I plan everything duh! Not knowing what we were having until the day Baby Sawyer would be born was just not an option for me or the baby daddy (AKA my husband) for the that matter. So on December 13, 2017 we found out that Baby Sawyer is a little COWBOY!! We are so excited. I had big plans of sending out New Years cards with our big news but as always this time of year time has slipped away. So I blog post will have to do. Baby Sawyer you are already so loved and the count down is on with only 111 days left until we get to hold you tight. Now to get through 16 days of work travel, catechism classes, birth classes, busy season at ORIgen, calving season, bull sale prep and a bulls sale. I mean the time won't fly by or anything!!

Cheers to being parents soon!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Little Blue House on State Street

I didn't know if I was ever going to get to write a post like this. For 3.45 years I have prayed, cried, planned, prayed, cried and planned some more. When I moved to the Sandhills I was moving to what I thought would be the bridge house, you know the house that we lived in while we made sure we could A of all handle each other and B of all I could handle the Sandhills. This house has been a challenge to get organized in and has pink and purple sponged walls, yes every morning I wake up and can't remember if I am in the 80s or 2017. By the time my year here had rolled around and I knew I wasn't going anywhere because I was marrying this guy I moved to the Sandhills for,
I was getting ANTSY to find a house one that I could put all my special touches on to make it a home. So we began the search and the praying. Around year 2 is when I would occasionally get upset, at 2.5 years I was just MAD. I didn't understand why everything was either way out of our price range or why everything was from the 1970 and needed $100,000 worth of work. It was also around the 2.5 year mark when I started to question how Adam and I as a couple were going to continue to pack up practically every weekend and head to the ranch. While we loved our time at the ranch, it was so very hard to not have our own space on the weekends, to not have a kitchen to cook what and when we want,  and to not get anytime at home to get things done on the weekends that you can't get done during the week.

It was about October that we decided we needed to shift from looking for places in Valentine to looking for places in Bassett. Not only for our sanity but also because Adam needed to be closer to the ranch to help out on a more regular bases and not just on weekends. The thing about rural Nebraska is that its not exactly a booming housing market. Which really adds to the frustration not only for us but for any young people that might be looking to go back to those smaller communities. As spring approached and nothing was coming our way I really began to resent God, this place and in all honesty my husband for bring me here. It was one of the hardest times I have experienced in my life, I prayed and shook my fist and cried so many tears. Thank goodness for the GRACE given by the good lord above and my loving husband. Some may say happiness doesn't come from a house it is what you make of it. For myself I do not agree and it is not about having the nicest, biggest home in town. For me it was simply being able to call some place home, some place to settle in and to feel grounded. I feel like my feet haven't hit the ground since moving to Nebraska.

It was the Monday after Easter, I will remember it forever because Easter Sunday was particularly rough. Adam was staying at the ranch to go to a branding that Monday, I was wore out and did not want to have to go home alone. I was beside myself with frustration at our situation that I really didn't think I would ever see an end to. I felt as though I couldn't take anymore, I cried the entire drive back to Valentine and prayed that something would come up soon because I was almost to what I thought would be my breaking point. That next Monday morning Adam and I got a text from his mom that a friend of hers was looking to sell her house. On Tuesday night we were able to get in to take a look, on Thursday we had a contractor look at a couple of things and by the next Saturday we told the seller we would definitely be buying.

So I would like to welcome to the little blue house on State street!

I am in love with this little gem of a house. A perfect starter home that has some great charm and some space to grow. Thoughts truly do become things if you wait long enough, this little house has so many of the things I have dreamed about. I am so excited to have a fire place. A beautiful dining room that will have a shiplap wall of coarse. A living room big enough to build community. Heck maybe I will even have to have a few Husker parties for the sack of being a Nebraskan. A utility room my husband can take his dirty clothes off in and not track sand and all the other things ranchers pick up in everyday life.  An office yes an actually office no more kitchen dwelling for 8-10 hours a day, I can shut the door at the end of the day and go back in the morning, like a real job almost.

Although I am so very excited for the next chapter, I am sad to be leaving Valentine. We have grown in to a husband and wife team here, made amazing friend, and have created memories that will last a lifetime. But I am looking forward to the sweet sweet memories that are to be made living in our first official home. Each and everyone of those memories will be savored for the years to come.

P.S. CHEERS to crossing off another 30 before 30. Number 23, buy a home!!

Monday, April 24, 2017


April 2, 2017 I turned 29, you guys I only have 11 months, 7 days to the big 3-0. In all honesty I can not wait to say goodbye  to my 20 and helllooo to my 30. I think my 30s will be my decade, but there are a few things I want to get done before I leave my 20s. So before my birthday in April I set up a 30 before 30 list to keep in My Happy Planner.

  1. Bake and perfect a gluten free bread
  2. Find a workout I enjoy
  3. Rebrand my blog and social media platforms
  4. Build a kitchen table
  5. Develop and be consistant with a daily routine
  6. Start a new tradition
  7. Go to the zoo in Omaha
  8. Put $29 a month in to savings
  9. Complete a 1000 gifts journal and read the book 
  10. Learn to make cheese cake
  11. Throw a dinner party
  12. Learn floral design  4/19/2017
  13. Get my home organized
  14. Run a 10K
  15. Create a weekly 365 photo album
  16. Scrapbook our wedding
  17. Listen to 12 audio books
  18. Volunteer for something new
  19. Start a collection
  20. Decorate a Birthday cake
  21. Start a design business
  22. Design a recipe book for my family
  23. Buy a house 6/1/2017
  24. Quit biting my nails
  25. Blog at least 4 times a month
  26. Worry less about what others think
  27. Make a new Christmas tradition
  28. Develop a healthier relationship with social media
  29. Start a family
  30. Be happy and content with myself and life

Friday, December 9, 2016

~OH Heyyyy Friday! Welcome Back ~

I have always loved the Oh Hey Friday link up from September Farm & The Farmer's Wife. Now that I am attempting a blogging come back I know it is something that I want in the mix because it is a great way to reflect on all the good of the week.


Not only is it snowing this morning, I have the majority of my gifts bought and wrapped. I would say that is a new record.  I am really adulating this Christmas and you know what it is far less stressful. I love it. Now praying for good weather so AJS and I can spend Christmas in Montana with my family.


...enough said.


Prep started this week. I am really focused on cultivating little by little what matters most and I am so thankful that the PowerSheets provide so much focus. I have some really big personal growth goals for 2017. I will be sharing so much more on this and my process in the up coming weeks. Until I can share more go check out to see what PowerSheets are all about.

This play list is a great break from Christmas tunes. Train has a new song called Working Girl, loving it. Take a listen for yourself. Also if you are on Spotify you can find me at Jenessa Sawyer.

I just completed day 11 of my Advent Devotional from the Bible App. The King is Coming. There is a lot of great words on waiting. Which is perfect for this time of year as we await Jesus Birthday but it is also really great for AJS and I's personal life as we wait for a home of our own. There has been a lot of wisdom that I have soaked up every morning. If you have never used the Bible App for a morning devotional I highly recommend it. There is really something for everyone to dive deeper into their spiritual journey.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

~Social Media Fast~

I remember the first time I received a text message, it was the summer of my junior year of high school from my friend Katrina and I was in the back seat of the pick-up headed down the interstate to Denver, CO for the National Junior Angus Show. I didn't even know I could talk to anybody but my parents on that thing let alone "text". Then came Myspace, do you remember the awesome backgrounds you could have, thinking back now I see where my love of digital marketing may have started. And of coarse we can't forget the beginning days of Facebook, I was a senior in high school when I finally jumped on the Facebook band-wagon, but reluctant because I couldn't have purple daisies for a background. I was always thankful for good friends who helped me with such an outstanding "About Me" section. I remember so clearly the part about not liking fatty bacon. Yes, it's true I have always been a bit of a trend setter, I was talking about bacon wayyyyy before it was cool. College brought Twitter and all I can say is thank goodness for the 140 charters that got me a handsome boy from Nebraska. A couple years ago I added my personal favorite to the mix Instagram and we can't forget about the occasional Snapchatting I find myself partaking in. That is a lot of things going on in the social media world. So many good things have come because of social media...a husband, a job, countless friends and keeping up with everything that is happening in Montana while being 550 miles away. Social media is a good thing, but to much of a good thing isn't always good.

I have been digging in deep to look at the messy not so fun aspects of life in 2016. Why am I the way I am, why do I have more unhappy days then happy days, why do I never feel like I am enough. Why do I feel like I am not smart enough, creative enough or fun enough. I know a huge part of that is comparison. I am also here to say the biggest sin I fight ever single day is ENVY. I know I am not alone there. So I have had my bible open with the silence blaring loud the last few months. It started small and then this Sunday as I prepared my heart for the Advent season I could hear him breaking through that silence and I knew what he was calling me to do. Sometimes God...he asks you to do big scary things. So until Christmas I am giving up social media. To some giving up social media is not big or scary, but for someone who's identity seem so interlaced with social media it is scary.

This morning is day 5 and I have only been on to update the ORIgen Facebook page. No mindless scrolling, no clicking here or there, straight to the page, post and I am out. The first two days I had to have typed Facebook in to my web browser a dozen times, just to get to the log in page and click exit. I deleted Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat from my phone. I pick up my phone to snap a picture for Instagram and then I just save it for my memory not for anyone else to see. Yesterday I redid my rubber band ball to combat what I believe is a little bit of adult ADD. I am excited to see what I gain from this Social Media Fast.  Especially once I get past this initial detox. I can't wait to share what I have learned and what I have gained when it is all over.

Do you ever feel like you need a break from social media? Maybe during the holidays is a great time to try it out. I would love it if you joined me.

P.S. You will still see me post about the blogs I write (hoping to have more time to write) but it will just be from a HootSuite so I won't get sucked in.

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