Sunday, January 7, 2018

~Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats~

Some people just couldn't understand why we would want to find have you met me? I plan everything duh! Not knowing what we were having until the day Baby Sawyer would be born was just not an option for me or the baby daddy (AKA my husband) for the that matter. So on December 13, 2017 we found out that Baby Sawyer is a little COWBOY!! We are so excited. I had big plans of sending out New Years cards with our big news but as always this time of year time has slipped away. So I blog post will have to do. Baby Sawyer you are already so loved and the count down is on with only 111 days left until we get to hold you tight. Now to get through 16 days of work travel, catechism classes, birth classes, busy season at ORIgen, calving season, bull sale prep and a bulls sale. I mean the time won't fly by or anything!!

Cheers to being parents soon!

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