Friday, February 20, 2015


HI... thanks so much for stopping by my new little piece of heaven on the world wide web. Some of you may be saying Jenessaaaa,  I know her, I used to blog over at And That's Beautiful To Me (Now deleted). I quit blogging over there back in August, I was needing a little time to find my blogging self. Let me tell you, I have missed it oh so very much and have decided to create a few new blogging rules for myself. So it will be a little different this time around!

ALOT has happened since I quite blogging in August! A of all I am getting married and B of all because of this marriage thing, it looks like I am sure to be Sandhiller the rest of my life. What is a Sandhiller you ask... more on that at a later date. What I can tell you is if a girl has to leave the mountains of Montana, the Sandhills of Nebraska are a pretty great place to be.

The Sandhills are a place like none other, the people are genuine, the towns are quaint, the land is diverse, agriculture is the heart and soul, and the work of the good lord above is evident in every facet. I am not saying it was love at first sight, but what I am saying is life in the Sandhills is something to be savored.

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