Friday, July 24, 2015


Life has been a buzz with the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. We are 21 days away until I say I DO and become Mrs. Jenessa Sawyer. Whoa...I like the sound!! Do you remember in elementary and junior high when you would write your name with your crushes last name? YAY,  don't  even try and deny you did that,  heck I probably did it when I was in college. I mean, I know every girl has done it at some point in time. And if we are being really honest I started talking to Adam in January of 2013 by March I was practicing that JENESSA SAWYER all over my note pad and then of coarse ripping the pages in to a million pieces to hid the evidence of how crazy obsessed I was with the kid that lived in New Mexico at the time. I am pretty sure people thought I had made him up for a while! Well I sure am proving them wrong now ain't I!!!

So that name thing was  a little random from what I was really wanting to post about but that is what happens when your mind is drifting in at least 100 different directions. So while I am extremely busy with wedding things it is so important for me to get out and do something different at night. That is where Adam comes in, he is always making me go check cows with him with is perfect. Last night was the best night because when we finally headed out the lighting was perfect and it was one of those moments you cant help but capture with a photo. The Sandhills will getcha when you least expect it. They got me good last night, and I feel I shouldn't keep it to myself. I savored every minute of soaking up the suns last rays of the day

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