Friday, March 20, 2015


One of my favorite things when I blogged over at And That's Beautiful To Me was linking up to Oh Hey Friday. It just always added a happy reminder that the week has come to an end and helped me reflect on the good things in life. When I was thinking about starting another blog I knew this is one thing I wanted to keep up. So here is my first Oh Hey Friday at Savoring the Sandhills.

Happy number 1: I got my hair done last night for the 1st time in a life time. Eeee ok so life time is an exaggeration, but I haven't got my hair done since THANKSGIVING! 4 months y'all!
Pictures to follow next week!!

Happy number 2: Things are kinda, some what, not totally but a little light at the end of the tunnel showing for a slow down. This makes me wanted to happy dance.

Happy number 3: New glasses!! I just love them, fun and totally not me!!!

Happy number 4: I have set a 5k race date for May and a 10k race date for June! I miss running so much, and nothing is more motivating than signing up for races.

Happy number 5: It's quite spring like here in Nebraska!

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