Friday, March 27, 2015


So I have a longggg health history, a large portion of that history is finding balance. I am going to give you the cliff notes version: Spring 2012-Found an amazing chiropractor that changed my life. He taught me how much diet and exercise play in to the way the body functions or doesn't function for that matter.  I also learned that my body does not respond well to gluten. (Disclaimer: there is so much out there about gluten, this is a very personal thing that I do not recommend for anyone, it is what I have to do for myself in order to be healthy mentally and physically)  Summer/fall 2012-ran worked-out eliminated gluten lost 35 pounds . Spring/Summer 2013-A very stressful time in my life (changed jobs, long distance relationship, thoughts of big life  changes on the horizon) so I quit working out and slowly gain 10 pounds back. Then came the Nebraska move in January 2014, started eating gluten again, occasionally experienced bits of depression, managed to gain 30 pounds in about 8 months. Um rough...throughout those 14 months I 've tried different ways to lose weight, I have quit consuming the one that makes me sick and the struggle has been VERY real. Last Monday I woke up and just told myself that it's time to change! You know what, I have been on track since last Monday. There are 5 steps I have taken to keep up the mind set that change will happen this time.


I have a couple people I follow religiously on social media. They all have an amazing journeys and there positive is contagious.

Runner's Retreat
Neon Runner
Skinny Meg
Fat To Fit Mama


I loved running, I felt so impowered when I was running. I set goals every week and accomplished them. I started last Monday with the Couch to 5K app, and it keeps me accountable. I also looked at Running in the USA  and tried to find a 5K and 10K that I could run this summer. My May 5K will take place on May 16, I just don't know which one it will be. I am looking at the Atkinson Festival of Races or the Happy Trails race in North Platte.   I have the 10K set for June 20th, its the Nebraskaland Days race. At the end of the day the one thing I do know about running is that I feel so much better when I do run. I am calmer, happier, more energetic, oh lets be honest a heck of a lot more pleasant to be around.


I am logging everything in My Fitness Pal that goes in to my mouth. Last night it wasn't pretty, I was starving!!! You know what though, I logged every last lick of Nutella!! While I didn't stay where I wanted to be on my food intake, I didn't try and hid anything from myself. Do you use My Fitness Pal? I am always looking for new people to follow. ADD ME: jenessajo


I crushed my 10,000 step goals 4 times so far this week! It is such a good feeling in life when you can set a goal and crush it, even if its just simple daily goals. ADD ME:


This is just new this week. I set up an account on Maurcies and created a wishlist! I also created a secret board on pinterest to save some cute cute looks that I know will look better if I work on getting healthy and strong again.

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  1. I've just started really getting committed to running as well, and I agree it's so empowering! It feels so good to set those goals to run longer and make it! I'm looking forward to following along and I'm so glad I got you as a partner on the Beauty Swap!


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