Wednesday, November 11, 2015

~Because of You~

Because of you I wake up every morning and am able to pursue my passion.

Because of you I get to travel safely on the roads that this nation is built on.

Because of you I worship in a church of my choice on Sunday morning.

Because of you I have choices, big ones, little ones, CHOICES!

Because of you I get to eat 3 meals a day, that I know is safe and being produced by hard working farmers and ranchers! Because you fought so they could pursue their passion

Because of you I watched the presidential debates last night and was able to form my own opinion on each candidate.

Because of you my future children will live in one of the greatest nation.

Everyday because of you I get to be happy, healthy, and safe.  On this Veterans Day I solute all those, past, present, and future Veterans that have sacrifice so very much to ensure America is the HOME OF THE FREE!


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