Thursday, December 31, 2015

~2015... The Year of The Marriage~

Why do I make rash decisions? Like deleting "And That's Beautiful To Me" back in August of 2014? Hashtag... REALLY. Golly what I would give to be able to go back and read my post from this day in 2013 when I announced to the world that I was packing up my "perfect" little life in Montana and heading to the Sandhills of Nebraska. Uh a year before that I didn't even know where Nebraska was. I kid but it wasn't on my radar. Sometimes I think Gods sense of humor is bar none.

So 2013 was the year of LOVE. Not only with my now husband but I also fell in love with myself and who I was. Seems fitting that I would find both in one year. They all say you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. 2014 was the year of the MOVE, whew there was a lot of great things but man there was a lot of tears, and maybe a little losing of Jenessa as I knew her.

What did 2015 bring? MARRIAGE of coarse. It was a good one on many levels, but the details are a blur. At lunch when Adam came home, I just hugged him and cried,  (DISCLAIMER-I am an emotion being) not because something was wrong but I was overwhelmed knowing that as I enter a new year with many unknowns, I do know that he will come out on the other side right by me. Through the good, the bad, the roller coasters of emotions, the extremely happy moments and those moment that are sad. In 2015 I gained a life partner and a good one at that.

The other thing 2015 brought is a restoration in my FAITH that has only grown great depths by my MARRIAGE. GOD he is faithful and when you least expect it he is there to show you his way that he has created for you. Obviously!!! Because without his love and guidance I would not be in the Sandhills of Nebraska living this life that I had longed for.

It saddens me that life is moving at such a fast pace that I can't remember all we were blessed with in 2015. Maybe 2016 will be the year I bring back blogging about all the beautiful things in life. Until then, I will just leave our wedding video link right here, because it truly is the most beautiful memory of 2015 and quite possibly a lifetime.

Cheers to faith, health, happiness, and fun times in 2016!! 

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